Enter the world of David Bloom’s creativity, and meet a “soul sui generis.”

With 50 years of experience producing concerts, founding and directing The Bloom School of Jazz, teaching world-class musicians, and developing great sets of music, David Bloom is a sought-after resource for jazz musicians. Beyond music, he expands his own creative energy into multiple projects including producing, writing, visual art and more.

From Public Awards to Personal Artistry…

David Bloom is an award-winning music educator as well as a music, concert and video producer; composer, arranger, writer, author and visual artist. He lives and teaches the art of reaching our highest creative potential. Read David’s story here.

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David Bloom blends his famed father’s theories of “mastery learning” with four decades of his own teaching, playing and listening experience to create a music education platform that profoundly transforms students of any instrument, genre or ability.

  • Founded The Bloom School of Jazz (1975)
  • Thousands of alumni including Grammy winners
  • Recognized as Jazz Educator of the Year by The Jazz Institute of Chicago (2017)  
  • An accomplished guitarist and flutist performing in Chicago for many years
  • Bloom’s jazz-as-language approach incorporates linguistics, philosophy, aesthetics and music.
  • By listening to jazz masters, Bloom has taken their musical values and developed exercises that demand those sensibilities.
  • Jazz, classical, rock, blues, flamenco, country and pop musicians have come to the Bloom School to enhance their own particular genre.
  • Bloom’s innovative methods break through musical and psychological barriers. Inventive courses include The Perfect Set, Guitar-obics and Black-Out.
  • Students discover their abilities exceeds their expectations
  • Alumni highlights: Graham Mabe (bass player with Joe Jackson), Steve Rodby (13- time Grammy Winner, bass player with Pat Metheny), Cliff Colnot (Conductor at DePaul University), Larry Gray, Mark Yonally (Chicago Tap Theatre), Tom Burrell (CEO, Burrell Advertising), Rob Mazurek, Chad Taylor, Blanche Manning (retired Federal Judge), Mark Colby, Regina Brown, Rob Parton, Peter Lerner, Mike Raynor, Bill Horburg (Hollywood producer, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Cold Mountain) and Alex Wurman (Hollywood film composer, March of The Penguins and Anchorman, and many more.
  • Taught improvisation to Air Force National Guard Band for four years, as well as at Roosevelt University Chicago and Northwestern University​
  • Presents regional workshops on Improvisation and more.
  • Read testimonials

Learn more about teaching: Bloom School of Jazz | Educator Highlights | Teaching Philosophy | Workshops


Composer in the instrumental jazz genre and beyond:

  • “For Eddie P.” a salsa tune featuring over twenty musicians (2018).
  • Composer of over 60 tunes featured on five full-length albums with Cliff Colnot (Arranger/Producer), released on Fire & Form Records: Shadow of a Soul (2022), Mirage (2022, Contender (2017), Until We Meet Again (2007) and Duende (2004). Duende was featured in The Chicago Tribune (See Press page)
  • Composer of “Melody for Margaret,” recorded by David Bloom’s Focus and released as 45 rpm record
  • Composer of “Moo Hahan” recorded by David Bloom’s Focus

Listen to work here: Albums | Tunes



Music Production Learn more

  • Producer of Jewel T’s album Getting There (listen here)
  • Co-Producer of Jerry Johnson’s album Dream With Me (listen here)
  • Songs for Oscar Brown Jr. (“Call of The City” and “Get to the Point” for Usual Suspects (Tom Stern)
  • 10 CDs for The Perfect Set course, featuring vocalists in a wide range of styles, ages and approaches
  • Music in a wide variety of genres, from choral pieces to pop music
  • Tunes in David Bloom’s Focus: “Melody for Margaret” and “Moo Hahan”
  • Single: “When You See Me” (also a video)

Concert Production Learn more

Produced the Cool Heat Concert, as seen on WTTW Channel 11 Chicago television. The concert featured over 35 original acts and celebrated Bloom School of Jazz’s 38th anniversary.

Produced Here’s to Life Concert, featuring 10 vocalists in a wide range of styles.

Video Production Learn More


Guitarist, Flautist

  • Guitarist, Chicago Slim Blues Band (1968)
  • Bandleader and Guitarist, David Bloom’s Focus (1972-1980); Hear Melody for Margaret and Moo Hahan
  • Guitarist with The Artistics, a rhythm and blues band (1973)


Director of videos, films, documentaries and live concerts.

  • “When You See Me” (Song & Video): This original song and music video was inspired by the Trayvon Martin tragedy. Spider Saloff’s song is a powerful message of accepting, understanding, and celebrating the differences among our fellow man if we can just see each other. Joined with the voices of Jewel Tancy and Max Hornung, the style crosses over from R&B to hip-hop and includes an original rap from Max Hornung at the top of the song.
  • Cool Heat Concert (Live filming and DVD): The Bloom School of Jazz celebrated its 38th year anniversary serving the Chicago musical community with the Cool Heat Concert, aired on WTTW Channel 11 television. Alumni, current students and faculty performed original music at Mayne Stage in Chicago.
  • Director of Here’s to Life Concert DVD, live filming of a concert of ten vocalists
  • Director of What Is Soul? documentary (ongoing). The interviews from this project were the source material of the bookWhat is Soul?



Author of…

What is Soul? a sociology book featuring interviews with celebrities, professionals and students which explores the most important question of modern times.

Fire & Form Series distributed by Hal Leonard, consisting of eight music method books, Minor Blues vol 1, Major Blues vol 1, Melodic Linkage, The ii-V-I Book, Melodic Chords, Rhythms Around the Body, Question and Answer Book and Ear Training.

Bephore & Aphorisms, a mini-book exploring the human condition with original aphorisms.

Press Features

Learn more: Press Features

Visual Art
  • Created over 50 abstract oil paintings, presented in two public art shows, Black and White…ish (2019) and Sound Images (2018)
  • Pieces purchased by art collectors in Chicago and New York
  • A portion of proceeds goes to support The Bloom Foundation

Learn more: Visual art overview | David Bloom art website

American Music Street

The mission of American Music Street is to be the number one destination for musicians and music lovers to discover, celebrate and participate in American music.

American Music Street is a branded music theme park offering life-enriching experiences to people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities as the world’s #1 destination for people who love American Music. 

This brick and mortar event space is designed to have 10 venues representing the music forms of pop, rock, jazz, blues, country, classical and more. With restaurants and immersive music activities, guests can spend an entire day or weekend enjoying American Music Street. This is an ideal venue for families, youth, seniors, corporate events and more. 

Learn more: American Music Street

The Bloom Foundation
  • The Bloom Foundation 501(c)(3) was launched in 2018 to provide scholarships to underserved youth. The mission of the Bloom Foundation is to help underserved youth develop a high level of awareness, appreciation, and execution of poetic and dramatic musical storytelling by providing scholarships to attend the Bloom School of Jazz, and other initiatives like “Musical Taste Test.”
  • Bloom Foundation Scholarships: Each Bloom Foundation Scholarship ensures that a talented and motivated high school music student will experience the innovative teaching techniques that have impacted thousands of students who have attended the school since it was founded in 1975. Alumni who have benefitted from Bloom’s methods include Grammy-winning artists and jazz masters in Chicago and around the world.

Learn more: The Bloom Foundation