Video Production: Music

David Bloom produces music videos, often using footage of vocalists and musicians in the studio to make the songs come to life. In addition, his work producing video documentaries of interviews with celebrities and everyday people was the origin of his book What Is Soul? Watch and learn about the projects below.

When You See Me

Song composed by Spider Saloff | Video produced and directed by David Bloom

Inspired by the Trayvon Martin tragedy, Saloff’s song is a powerful message of accepting, understanding, and celebrating the differences among our fellow man if we can just see each other. Joined with the voices of Jewel Tancy and Max Hornung the style crosses over from R&B to hip- hop and includes an original rap from Max Hornung at the top of the song. (2013)

For Eddie P.

Tune composed by David Bloom | Tune arranged by David Bloom and Cliff Colnot | Tune produced by Cliff Colnot | Video produced by David Bloom

A tribute to Eddie Palmieri, one of the greatest salsa musicians.

8 Short Stories on Drum Set

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