Book: What Is Soul?

The new book by David Bloom What Is Soul? is an investigative look at a word that is often a paradox: it defines something unseen, yet is omnipotent. It is ancient, yet modern. We are all born with it, yet still seek it. Who better to explore this question with than people from all walks of life.

Culling over thirty interviews for juicy insights, memorable stories and perspectives, Bloom asks the questions, and the majority of the book is in the voice of the interviewees, including the late author/radio host Studs Terkel, activist/entertainer Oscar Brown Jr., and creative professionals ranging from a chef to a flamenco dancer.  Featuring people with diverse life experiences, the book contains a variety of answers from a philosophy professor, a psychiatrist, a federal judge, musicians, historians, an ad agency CEO, a rabbi, a Hollywood movie producer and many others.