Books: Fire & Form Music Method Books

8 Educational Books by David Bloom, distributed by Hal Leonard

“Just received and enjoyed your two books with CDs. Nice layout with cool fingerings. I was jamming along in no time.”

Joe Satriani, Guitar Legend

Any musician who wills it can become a competent jazz player. The jazz artist must understand and be able to control the material, which will form the design for his/her personal statement of emotions. Jazz improvisation is the celebration of the moment through the spontaneous musical expression of the gamut of human emotions. However, it is not sufficient for a jazz musician to only express emotion without direction. In composition or improvisation, it is not enough just to create musical ideas; they must be developed and go somewhere.

This series is designed to show the artist how to go anywhere in a specific way. With this series we transcend the limitations of idiom and style, to give the artist creative freedom using the universe of musical possibilities available in Western harmony. The basic material for all Western music is the same (the chromatic scale). Style is the artist’s choice.

The Fire and Form Music Method Book series does not deal with the presentation of different styles. It deals with musical relationships and possibilities. The style and specific use of the material is the prerogative of the player. In this series, hearing the material has equal importance with playing the music. All music is sound. It must be heard, either as an active listener or as an active creator. The active musical creator must be able to hear a sound, either from an outside source or in his/her head, and then be able to sing, write, or play that sound. Music that is played or written without being heard first is merely chance music, in which the player does not have control of his statement. Instead of the desired vivid articulate and expressive musical statement, the player is only producing sounds.

Each book in this series can be learned in three to four months, giving serious students a new vocabulary and direction in their quest for self-expression through music.

Minor Blues vol 1: Discover highly melodic minor blues chord progressions and become fluent with them in three months. Gives you the freedom to play minor blues differently every time. Contains 21 melodic minor blues chord progressions.

Major Blues vol 1: Become fluent with colorful major blues chord progressions in three months. Make the blues sound fresh at your gig tonight. Contains 21 melodic major blues chord progressions.

Melodic Linkage
(for all instruments and vocals)

Don’t stop. Learn how to link musical ideas through any chord changes without stopping. Greatly increases the forward momentum in your playing.

The ii-V-I Book
(for all instruments and vocals)

A “bootcamp” for systematic study of the scales and chord arpeggios used for improvisation on the most common and important chord progression: the II V I. Works through all 24 major and minor keys in just 6 tracks.

Melodic Chords

Tremendously increase your melodic chord vocabulary for soloing, chord-melodies and comping. This unique book arranges chords not only by chord type (major 7th, minor 7b5, etc.), but also by all available chord tones (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13). Learn chords that express your emotions.

Rhythms Around the Body
(for all instruments)

Rhythmitize your body and mind. Teaches students of drums and other instruments how to play 8th notes, 8th note triplets and 16th notes using all combinations of the four limbs. Prepares all instrumentalists for fresh sounds, rhythms, and improves timing.

Question and Answer Book
(for all instruments and vocals)

Learn to speak the language of music through question and answer phrasing. this format teaches you how to use rhythm, dynamics and countour to create music that speaks!

Ear Training
(for all instruments and vocals)

All great musicians have a great ear and most have developed it through singing and listening. This book helps you begin the ear development journey through learning to read and sing musical notation.