Producer/Director: Cool Heat Concert

This concert was broadcast on WTTW Channel 11 television


On November 24, 2013, The Bloom School of Jazz celebrated its 38th year anniversary serving the Chicago musical community with The Cool Heat Concert. Alumni. current students and faculty performed original music at Mayne Stage in Chicago.

Performers include: Jim Barbick, Raphael Beuf, Curt Bley, Zach Brock, Phil Bruni, Tim Coffman, Mark Colby, Tim Fitzgerald, Pat Fleming, Jeff Fortin, Tim Keenan, Jordan Kosar, Martha Larson, Geoff Lowe, Jeff Mackevitch, Chris Mahue, Matt Nelson, Vance Okraszewski, Isabelle Olivier, Rob Parton, Sam Pincich, Steve Ramsdell, Steve Rodby, Spider Saloff, Jim Sellers, Jewel Tancy, Mark Yonally.