David Bloom is a multi-genre composer, arranger, producer and instrumentalist. From a large catalog of instrumental jazz tracks ranging in style, mood and grooves, to salsa and other projects, find an archive below. Stay tuned for exciting work that continues to expand into new territory.


For Eddie P. (Composer/Co-Arranger) (Salsa) Click here for video and more.

Call of the City (performed and composed by Oscar Brown, Jr., Produced by David Bloom) Learn more

Melody for Margaret (Composer, Producer and Performer) Learn more

Moo Hahan (Composer, Producer and Performer) Learn more

Tunes on albums (Contender, Until We Meet Again, Duende) (Composer)

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  • Captured Eyes
  • Coulda Been A Contenda
  • Dona’s Next Scene
  • Doubt
  • Drivin’ It Back
  • Drum Thing
  • Duende
  • Epiphany
  • First Smile
  • I Remember Wes
  • It’s Okay
  • I Never Knew You
  • In The Nick of Time
  • Natalia
  • Mirror
  • Pitch Black
  • Ponder
  • Presumptuous Assumption
  • Soft Feeling
  • Some Are Groovin’
  • Song for Mom
  • South Light
  • To The Source
  • Trane a la Bloo
  • Until We Meet Again
  • Will Or Won’t

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