The Bloom Foundation

Changing Lives Through Music

After 40 years of founding and directing Chicago’s only dedicated jazz school with the mission of teaching the lessons of jazz masters, David Bloom and his staff created the Bloom Foundation, an Illinois 501(c)(3) organization, to ensure that more people have access to the teaching techniques that have helped thousands of musicians find their artistic voice.

The Bloom Foundation is dedicated to helping kids use music to build their imagination, creativity and golobal perspective. Interactive live video projects include “Musical Taste Test” where kids are introduced to music styles from around the world.

In addition, the mission of the Bloom Foundation is to help underserved youth develop a high level of awareness, appreciation, and performance of poetic and dramatic musical storytelling. 

About Bloom Foundation Scholarships

Each Bloom Foundation Scholarship ensures that a talented and motivated high school music student, with financial need, will benefit from the innovative techniques that have impacted thousands of Bloom School of Jazz alumni since 1975 (including Grammy-winning artists and jazz masters in Chicago and around the world). Because of his work, David Bloom was named 2017 Jazz Educator of the Year by the Jazz Institute of Chicago.

Among the next generation of jazz musicians are many young people who would not ordinarily be able to afford a year’s worth of private lessons with a jazz master.

David Bloom received the 2017 Jazz Educator of the Year Award from The Jazz Institute of Chicago for his innovative teaching methods and devout mentoring.

A Bloom Foundation Scholarship underwrites the cost of providing the scholarship program. For an academic year, that amounts to $10,000. The number of scholarships offered in a given year will increase as additional funds are raised.

Selection Process

Eligible instrumentalists and vocalists will be nominated by band directors from Chicago public high schools. A team of expert judges will determine the recipient based on a review of application materials including an essay, and performance videos that display the applicant’s musicality and improvisation skills. Financial need will be determined by household income.

Career and Life Preparation

The scholarship, covering a year of study, gives students a strong foundation in technique, theory, ear training, and Bloom’s storytelling methods. The program includes a professionally recorded video demo suitable for college applications and/or professional promotion.

How You Can Help

By making a tax-deductible financial contribution, you will ensure that the next generation of aspiring jazz masters has access to that same training, regardless of their financial position. Your contribution will guarantee that Chicago’s young jazz artists receive the best possible instruction to fulfill their dreams.